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September 26, 2012

Reston activist John Lovaas article emphasizes Greens strengths

Candidates — @ 3:38 pm

As posted separately below, Reston community activist John Lovaas writes in his Reston Patch blog that there is no real difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. >http://reston.patch.com/blog_posts/the-view-from-over-here-5728eedf>

He is singing our Greens theme song, i.e., if voters want a sincere candidate who will work for the people, then look to the Green Party candidates–Jill Stein for president, Audrey Clement for Arlington County Board, and for votes in Fairfax County, Joe Galdo for Congress.

Take time to read Lovaas blog and post a comment. What Lovaas says about the Virginia senate race and the 11th CD Congressional race can also be said about the presidential race.

Take a look at the differences between Romney and Obama over U.S. war policy. There is no difference. Both support U.S. military intervention abroad and continue wasteful military spending. Do either Obama or Romney have a plan for peace or do we just continue to live in a national security/ military state engulfed by developing countries that hate us?

Economic recovery? Obama will just continue his do-nothing economic policy and hope our economic depression/recession will just end by itself. There are close to 20 million Americans wanting fulltime jobs today; the economy adds barely 1 million jobs annually and that largely is absorbed by population growth and producitivty gains. Opinion polls today indicate that 40 percent or more of voters indicate that the U.S. economy will get worse no matter if Romney or Obama win. Why vote for either of these bozos?

Housing recovery? Obama already bailed out the big banks and left 13 million, mostly lower income homeowners underwater, with 2-3 million evicted or foreclosed. Anyone talk about how to help this housing crisis from either major party? Nope.

Environment: Obama favors nuclear power, coal mining, offshore drilling, and has yet to take on the petroleum companies. Keystone pipeline–postponed until after the election, then Obama will approve it. Wind and solar energy, energy conservation; where does O stand?

Healthcare: Obamacare will still leave 20-30 million Americans uninsured, and many millions with inadequate health insurance. Moreover, this does nothing to address the outrageous cost of healthcare in the U.S. and our dropping life expectancy. Most reasonable healthcare economists recommend a single-payer system like Canada, the U.K. or France. Do you really think Obama will take on Big Pharmaceutical companies

Historically in the U.S. third parties like the Greens have thrived when the two major parties have lost touch with the needs and dreams of the American people. A similar crisis has swept across many EU countries where voters discovered that their two major parties are both corrupt and inept, and hopeless pawns of the corporations and rich.

Dr. Jill Stein our Green candidate for President has offered thoughtful proposals for a Green New Deal program for 20 milllion domestic jobs, a single payer health care plan, ending the oil wars abroad, debt relief for homeowners and college students, and environmental programs. Please consider voting for Dr. Stein.