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October 13, 2022

Greens endorse Audrey Clement for Arlington County Board in Nov. 2022

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The Arlington Green Party at their October meeting voted to endorse Audrey Clement, an independent candidate, for the Arlington County Board in the November election.  Mark Antell, a Green Party member and longtime resident of North Rosslyn, said “we Greens support Audrey Clements because she will stand up to the developers and bring an independent voice for Arlington residents to the Arlington County Board.”

Greens are particularly supportive of Clement’s opposition to the county board zoning proposal to up zone density of single-family home neighborhoods, the so called Missing Middle zoning (MM) proposal, to allow up to 8 new housing units on a lot occupied today by one house.   Greens previously recommended that the county board delay consideration of this MM zoning until more data and information are available, but the county board seem fixed on immediately approving MM.

The MM zoning does nothing to help expand affordable housing assistance in Arlington for the neediest residents who are renters generally earning under $50,000 a year.   Greens have long advocated for more rental housing grants, preservation of existing garden apartments, and twice supported the creation of a housing authority in Arlington.  Greens worked to prevent demolition of Westover area garden apartments 5 years ago through the mechanism of historic preservation, but the county board refused to stop the demolition of many modest apartments.

Environmental analysis of MM zoning indicates that a good portion of existing tree canopy in detached house neighborhoods and permeable surfaces will be lost with more density in detached house neighborhoods.   Loss of tree canopy and permeable surfaces will lead to more storm water released onto neighboring properties and down streets, and damage to Arlington residents.