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May 26, 2022

Arlington Greens meet in person, Wed. June 1, 7 PM in Community Room of Ballston Firehouse

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Arlington Greens will meet in person for the first time since March 2020 at the Ballston Firehouse Community Room (located at Wilson Blvd and George Mason Drive) starting at 7 PM on Wednesday, June1, 2022.
Major topics of discussion:
Petition to advance a carbon neutral community energy plan in Arlington (see below); we intend to start circulating it in June
County proposal to change zoning of single residential lots into multi-housing lots (“Missing middle”)
Local offices up for election in November
We hope to see you in person; wear a mask if you choose and we hope that everyone is fully vaccinated who attends.

Petition to the Arlington County Board of Supervisors asking it to approve a Community Energy Plan with a carbon-neutral new building code; free home energy audits; and preservation of all existing large trees and unpaved permiable space

Nearly 3 years ago (in September 2019), the Arlington County Board approved an aspirational goal that Arlington County VA residents and all business would become carbon neutral in their operating energy use by 2050, but since the Board has approved nothing concrete to achieve this worthy goal, and climate change and flooding in the County have worsened.

Therefore, we the undersigned residents of Arlington Virginia hereby petition our elected Arlington County Board to adopt a Community Energy Plan that will achieve carbon neutrality within the county within 30 years through the following mechanisms, as well as other proven measures not herein listed: l. All new houses and commercial building must be built under a carbon neutral building code, with most or all of energy used generated on-site through solar panels and geo-thermal heating/cooling, and building energy use reduced through more insulation, tighter building envelope, and better engineering.

2. All owners of the 40,000 existing detached or attached homes in the county will be offered a free home energy audit with the goal to help the homeowner cut carbon use by 15% or more through weatherization, insulation, adding solar panels, and other means.

3. The county will change its zoning and building code to compel builders of new homes and commercial buildings to keep all large existing trees intact, and to make sure there is no net loss of existing unpaved permiable surface area so that storm water remains on the property as much as possible, and not flooding other areas, and heat temps kept as low as possible in warm months.

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