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October 25, 2013

Sandra Hernandez testifies for Housing Authority at Arlington County Board

Affordable Housing — @ 4:41 pm

Good morning members of the Arlington County Board: Oct. 19, 2013   I am Sandra Hernandez and here today to tell you why Arlington residents should vote FOR a Housing Authority on November 5th.   

Walking on Columbia Pike, I met a young brown skinned woman carrying a baby who asked me where she could find information on affordable apartments in Arlington. “No where”. Why doesn’t Arlington have One single place for referral to available subsidized units, located on 85 separate properties, and operated by about 30 separate private organizations?

Fairfax County Housing Authority provides referral at one location to subsidized units, and keeps a centralized waiting list and housing information.

Our county government spends millions for housing, but my Latino community in Arlington is decimated as rents rise, and apartments are replaced by million dollar homes. The Latino population in Arlington fell by 11 percent since 2000 as affordable, private market-rate apartments fell by over two-thirds.  As Arlington becomes whiter and richer, Latinos are pushed out. 

At a 2013 Latino Housing Forum, residents complained that they worked 3 jobs to barely pay $1,700 rent, some end up at AFAC food bank because they cannot afford rent and food.

Why is the CEO of the largest not for profit affordable housing contractor making over $250,000 a year when  in Fairfax, the volunteer, citizen-run housing authority controls and audits subsidized units to make sure tenants are treated well and that contractors are not over paid?

In March 2013, HUD confirmed to Arlington Mercury Newspaper that an Arlington housing authority WOULD qualify for HUD funds. A well run authority could improve treatment of tenants, reduce costs of rental units, get Federal funds and SAVE MONEY.

Thank you and please vote yes for the Housing Authority November 5th