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November 9, 2019

Greens support a municipal electric utility in Arlington

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Greens voted at their November meeting to support community efforts to get a municipal electric utility started in Arlington. A municipal utility would supply electricity to all residents and businesses in Arlington operating like our current water and sewage system. The municipal utility would have the authority to purchase renewable electricity and then distribute it to Arlington customers.

Our Revolution Arlington has started this municipalization effort and sought help from Greens. Go to their website for more information: https://greenpowerarlington.org/

The utility could also help customers in Arlington reduce their wasteful use of electricity through weatherization or technical help and could help homeowners install solar panels and provide most or all of their own electricity.

Municipal utilities often have lower electricity rates than private investor-owned companies like Dominion Energy. Dominion Energy has also become a leading fracked natural gas company building pipelines in Virginia and doubling down on carbon based electricity rather than pursuing wind and solar power.

There are 18 areas in Virginia that have a municipal utility, the closest being Manassas. There are over 15,000 such municipal utilities in the U.S. and large cities like New York and Chicago are considering creating such a system.

The county board would have to authorize a municipal utility in Arlington, voters would then have to approve this in a referendum, and then the county would purchase power assets of Dominion Energy, and start the municipal utility. Any profits would go immediately to the county government and could be used for any purpose.